DATE: September 14, 2017
TIME: 7:00 pm
LOCATION: 3433 Broadway, Sacramento, CA
VENUE: Oak Park
GATHER: Oak Park September 14, 2017

Element Brass Band returns to the GATHER Festival in Oak Park. FREE to the public, all ages.

Inspired by the warm California nights and the emerging trend of the food culture, GATHER is a take on the city as a dining table. Set in a familiar, but unusual setting; this unique food event that will take place monthly on second Thursday evenings in Oak Park from May-October. The night will include communal tables for out-door dining, a craft beer area, artisanal food vendors, designers, food demos, interactive art, live music and a modular kids park.

GATHER is a social experience based around the idea that a neighborhood that eats together, stays together and strengthens the community.

GATHER: Oak Park is presented by Unseen Heroes and The Oak Park Business Association.

Location: Broadway and 3rd Avenue

Join us as we GATHER in Oak Park’s newly developed Triangle District to celebrate a night of community and culinary delight.

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